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Let's help 100.000 Ukrainians survive the winter

Humanitarian project Shana – directed to overcome the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, in consequence of missile terror targeted critical infrastructure 

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About project

SHANA is a socially significant humanitarian project from the Berlin district of Neukölln, aimed at helping to overcome the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

The project is implemented with the support of the humanitarian fund LaruHelpsUkraine e.V. and BUNT-Stiftung Bildung und integrative Arbeit gGmbH.

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The project's main goal is to support and express respect for citizens who bravely overcome crisis situations. To brave and unconquerable Ukrainians who defend their country and demonstrate unbreakable spirit. These people are forced to endure difficult circumstances so that the echoes of the war do not reach European borders.

It is a project of respect "from the people for the people" based on values, cooperation and interaction, building a strong community and respect.

We choose cities that really need our attention. To prevent a humanitarian disaster

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Kinder for Kinder

For the purpose of the project, we are collecting "survival kits" for children during this extremely difficult period. The set includes:

• 1 liter thermos
• 20,000 mA power bank
• Lamp with batteries
• Salt warmer
• Toy and candy



Procurement of 14 generators to support critical infrastructure. Hospitals, heating stations, water supply in the city, etc.
Let's stop the attempted genocide of the Ukrainian people together.

5 heat points

Purchase of necessary equipment for mobile heating points in critical situations. The set includes:
• Winter tent for 50+ people
• Generator
• Heat gun
• Field kitchen
• Seats

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People we help

The Pervomaysk community of the Mykolaiv region of Ukraine turned to us with a request to help stop a humanitarian disaster and overcome the crisis in the winter period.

A total of more than 100,000 people live in this community, of which 20,000 are internally displaced persons from the combat zone.

You can read the full request:


Support the project's informational


You can support the project not only with donations, but also help us spread information among people and organizations.

You can download all the necessary materials from the links.

Download and let's save the lives of 100,000 Ukrainians together. Let's pay our respects to them!

Project’s memorandum



You can contact us for project assistance, additional questions via contacts or via the feedback form

Info sent, thank you


+49 152 263 25 125

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Juliusstraße 19, 12051 Berlin
von 9.00 Uhr bis 15.00 Uhr

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